Business/Corporate Partnerships

TreeSisters actively invites companies to do as much radical good as they can on behalf of the forests.


Our core mission is to make it as normal to give back to nature as it currently is to take nature for granted. This paradigm shift requires a scale of reach and educational momentum that we cannot achieve alone. We look to build an alliance of aligned business partnerships with those exploring systemic change and driving ecological restoration.

We fund tropical tree planting at scale. We also campaign globally around feminine empowerment, climate change, consciousness shift and behaviour change through unique, evolving approaches. We lead with collective responsibility for both the climate crisis and the co-creation of solutions that mobilize humanity because ‘we are all in this together’.


As a small team with a huge mission, we collaborate where alignment of purpose and values serves mutual growth and shared endeavour. We focus on impact and the more that can be achieved together.

Our preference is to work with those who value and thus amplify the holistic approach and invitation that is so unique to TreeSisters:

  1. We grow partnerships that are bold, creative, innovative and long term

  2. We prioritise working with those who recognise the value of reaching, including, educating and inspiring everyone within their organisational systems (suppliers, teams and customers) into audacious shared action around reforestation

  3. We seek those who wish to support their female customers (and through them their families and communities) to step into greater leadership around climate change and sustainable choices

  4. We seek those organisations ready to help lead both their sector and the paradigm shift towards planetary restoration as a fundamental human priority and function

Types of partnership

There are four primary types of large business/corporate partnership that we look to develop:

  • Green Leafy: we plant trees for you
  • Catalyst : we plant trees and we campaign and co-create together
  • Root: we plant trees and you provide organisational funding and support
  • River: you provide organisational funding and support

As you engage with us, we can partner together at a deeper and more mutually beneficial way, dependent on the level of funding and the relationship that you may want with the organisation.

If you are a small business then we ask you to read more about our Water Carriers whom fundraise in aid of TreeSisters, through the giving of their gifts and creativity.

At this time we seek partnerships with those who have taken significant steps towards shifting their paradigm, and taken leadership in ways which commensurate with the climate crisis, and who are, for instance:

  1. Open to or already exploring radical generosity at a scale that seeks to restore ecosystems
  2. Open to or already embedding restoration into their business models,  e.g. into every financial transaction
  3. Exploring the further greening of their supply chains and the wider ecological impact of products, packaging, their transport and disposal
  4. Challenging suppliers on their practices
  5. Interested in developing innovative campaigns and educational marketing that invites, inspires and includes customers in shared restoration goals
  6. Willing to look beyond competition to embrace collaboration to find the ‘more’ that can be achieved together in alliance with TreeSisters
  7. Seeking the most that can be done to ‘do’ good, rather than the least that can be done to look good

If you are interested in partnering with us please contact our Business Development Manager