Non-Partnership Business Donors 

Philanthropic and Direct Business Giving


Thank you for your interest in supporting us. We welcome donations from all businesses aligned with our values who wish to fund the planting of trees and support our behaviour change and women’s empowerment work.
We also welcome unrestricted donations that support the core costs of campaigning/fundraising and allow us to extend our reach and increase our impact.
Before making your donation, please ensure you are in alignment with the TreeSisters Pledge which you can read here.


Donations to Plant Trees

If you or your business wish to make donations towards tree-planting, you can give here.

Donations to Support our Mission

We are growing fast as the world wakes up to the importance of trees. We need to both expand our team and expand our reach to reach the level of impact required to really deliver on our social change mission. To ramp up our reforestation, we need to reach, educate and inspire many people in different ways, and to do that we need financial help. 

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Reach and Media

This is a deeply important contribution to the trees as it helps us find our way to a much larger audience to plant the seeds of our invitations and campaigns. You are contributing to our marketing budget and media costs. This can also include costs for important educational and campaign film and video footage.

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Unrestricted funds are the wind beneath our wings. You are there for us when we need to scale up and increase our capacity to deliver on everything that we are doing for the world. Growth donations cover core costs to help the organisation sustain and grow. You are watering the roots of the tree including salaries and infrastructure costs.

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Getting people together can be, and needs to be life changing if we’re to inspire the level of cultural shift that is needed. TreeSisters create events designed to catalyse latent potential, and these need to keep happening, and happening well. We host Tree Conferences, fundraising events and retreats for both team and network. As an international team, the rare moments that we can gather to strategise and plan together are best achieved with your support.

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Women’s Empowerment

Is your focus on women and feminine leadership? We are actively seeking the funds required to expand the development and reach of our women’s programs, Groves (local women’s circle work) and in-person events. We would like to greatly expand the team to be able to provide more trainings and call more women into local leadership.

‘The forest sector needs a $100M marketing budget to be able to affect the level of change needed in the time that we have left.’ Randy Hayes  Rainforest Action Network

If you would like to make donations into our Unrestricted Funding Budget, please email and one of the team will be in touch. 

Thank you for your support!