Business Partnerships

Supporting you to lead the  transformation of business culture and restore the global forest

The Invitation

TreeSisters is your invitation to get real and radical about the level of action needed in the face of climate change. Our vision is the co-creation of a world in which it is as normal to restore Nature as it currently is to consume, and a world in which a tree is planted through every transaction we make.

Your business is an ecosystem of ecological impact both in terms of what you take from Nature and what you choose to give back. Our focus is providing tangible and meaningful ways to help you restore this cycle of reciprocity and to make trees for transactions the new normal.

We seek businesses who are:

  • Looking to embed restoration into their business model and culture and to walk their talk from the inside out
  • Wanting to unify and activate their customer base around a shared tree planting goal or awareness raising campaign
  • Doing the most to ‘do’ good, rather than the least to ‘look’ good
  • Ready to take a level of leadership within their sectors that shows what’s possible when business seeks to give back to Nature

How do we work together?

We offer a number of partnership programs tailored to the size and type of your business, and reflecting the level of impact you wish to make. Each program is designed to enable you to plant trees for every transaction made through your work or business. Whether you are a self-employed individual, small or large company, there’s a way for you to make trees for transactions a part of our daily lives.

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SoulTrees Program

Self-employed individuals gifting regular funds through their arts, personal work, consulting, healing therapies, passion projects or small businesses.

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Company Forest Program

Companies embedding reforestation into sustainable business models, planting trees for every product/service sold or donating a % of profit.

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TreeHouse Program

Hotels, B&B’s & Retreats restoring the planet while we sleep by planting trees for every night a guest stays.

Trees for Tickets Program

Events and Festivals transforming gatherings into communities of social and ecological change by planting trees for every ticket sold.

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Catalyst Program

Companies and Organisations wishing to go beyond trees for transactions and take significant leadership within their sectors to bring about major social and ecological impact.

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Non-Partnership Business Donors

Businesses or organisations simply wishing to donate.

How do we use your donations?

  • 80% of donations funds forest, ecosystem and biodiversity restoration through a diverse portfolio of vetted and trusted reforestation projects across the global tropical belt 
  • 15% of donations funds our programs and campaigning in Nature education, women’s empowerment and behaviour change
  • 5% of donations are used to support our running and fundraising costs

We seek partnerships with aligned companies who pledge to:

  • Respect TreeSisters’ values
  • Speak honestly in public about environmentally responsible efforts
  • Prioritise the development and implementation of a products procurement and distribution policy that is Earth-loving
  • Affirm no direct involvement in destructive forest activities

Review the TreeSisters alignment pledge here

Embedding ecological restoration into every financial transaction and business model will become the new norm when we make it happen together.

“We are about to witness the single greatest consumer driven, values-based transformation of business ever seen: a new norm of social and ecological awareness, care and regeneration embedded into everything in order to fulfil public need to become part of the solution.”  

Clare Dubois, TreeSisters Founder


To see the businesses and organisations we are partnered with:
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