Business Partnerships

Celebrating companies that bring nature into businesses

Building Beneficial Business Partnerships

TreeSisters is proud to have some incredible Partnerships that have embedded nature into their business and culture. 

Businesses can play a huge role in shaping a thriving future for all beings on Earth. By partnering with TreeSisters, businesses have chosen to make nature their business and give back to the planet.

Given the bespoke nature of our partnerships, TreeSisters is currently not accepting additional business partners at this time.

Please check back regularly and explore our offerings, donate or, if you like, set up a fundraiser for us.


Photo by Eden Reforestation Projects

"An understanding of the natural world and what's in it is a source of not only a great curiosity, but great fulfilment."  David Attenborough

Photo by International Tree Foundation

Why Partner with TreeSisters?

We are so much more than funding trees. TreeSisters is unique in our grassroots, ethical, holistic and community-focused approach towards reforestation. Not only that, but we attempt to tackle the root cause of climate destruction and champion a social movement educating and inspiring everyone to reconnect and live more harmoniously with the natural world. 

By partnering with us, you join us in our mission to work in harmony with trees and communities for them to survive and thrive. 

TreeSisters' reforestation and green cover work are led by both environmental impacts and the needs of the communities. We offer a carefully selected and well-vetted holistic portfolio supporting planting across ten locations, with a strong focus on working with local and indigenous communities to support their needs. 

All of this means you can be proud to partner with an ethically driven organisation with tree planting, restoration, education and women's empowerment embedded into its core.

Who do we Partner with?

We are choosy. Our partners don't just want to donate to charity but are looking to embed nature into the very fabric of their businesses. They are ready to take their leadership to the next level and show what is possible when businesses step up to make a difference. 

Our partners are motivated by their social impact and the positive reactions of their networks. They want to do more to effect more significant change collectively. They seek long-term, socially scalable and sustainable, measurable ecological impact and are prepared to invest in marketing, social media and organisational time to make it happen.

Case Study: Recently, our partner, Faith in Nature, has become the world's first company to appoint Nature to its Board of Directors. Nature will now be represented on the board by an individual legally bound to speak on behalf of the natural world. They will have a voice and vote on the future of the business. This decision extends a growing legal precedent around environmental personhood and the attribution of legal rights to non-human entities. It makes enormous strides for organisations that want to do more to reduce their environmental impact. We are proud to partner with them and like-minded businesses that match our values and long-term goal for nature to thrive. 

Photo by Project Greenhands

We are working to ethically increase the green cover of the planet and create behavioural change with these special Partners:



Business Partner Impact

Through their commitment to nature, our Business Partners have donated funds to restore the global forests and support the employment of local and indigenous people worldwide to become forest restorers and protectors. 

These long-term relationships with our partners are crucial to our dependencies, providing them with the much-needed dependability and reliance for their livelihoods. These steps may help whole villages transform their socio-economic reality whilst helping them restore their environment.

Benefits of partnering with TreeSisters: 

  • Your commitment supports a carefully selected and well-vetted ethical reforestation portfolio of 10 projects across the tropics, benefiting local communities and fostering women's participation and leadership.
  • You join a community of like-minded conscious businesses creating the change we need for the future.
  • You increase your brand awareness and enhance your reputation by working with a well-respected global reforestation charity.
  • At a time of key growth and transition for the charity, you will be supporting us to achieve our strategic objectives and have an immediate impact on the direction of TreeSisters, ensuring a bigger long-term impact which we can only achieve together. 
  • Through our partnership, our educational pieces will support you to be able to inspire, engage and motivate your audience ecosystem. 
  • Our partnership will help you increase loyalty and trust with your customers around the importance of taking action for the environment.
  • We can share the impact of your donations, including an estimation of carbon sequestration, using our expert-reviewed methodology developed for estimating the carbon uptake of trees funded across our specific planting portfolio.
  • Receiving stories, photos and updates throughout the year so you can truly understand the wide-reaching impact of your support that goes far beyond the trees.