Catalyst Partnerships

For companies that want to play a conscious leadership role in the restoration revolution

Going Deeper for Greater Impact

Increasingly we are finding that once our Trees for Transaction partners witness the social impact and positive reaction of their networks, they want to do more to effect greater change. The ‘more’ depends upon their creativity and audacity, but often originates from a desire to include others within their industry to further the behaviour change required to bring about lasting change.

A Catalyst Partnership

This is an experimental, co-creative and impact-based partnership with TreeSisters that is unique to you. It’s where we explore together how to achieve the maximum impact both socially and ecologically that you can facilitate on every level of your social systems both up and down stream. It is both generative and generous.

This includes, but goes beyond trees embedded in products and services, to explore the act of invitation and engagement in shared ecological goals. This can include co-campaigning, sector collaborations, using trees as a unifier of international organisations and where the restorative actions of staff are potentially as important as distributor or customer. 

We bring a wealth of Feminine Nature-Based Leadership experience through a number of proven models and techniques which can be tailored to meet the needs of your unique organisation within a co-created campaign.

Photo by Eden Reforestation Projects

Stepping in as a Catalyst Partner means:

  • The development and implementation of a co-created campaign that draws on the creativity and activism of your network - further growing the social change engine that delivers more reforestation through grassroots education and involvement
  • Inviting the active participation of your whole business ecosystem into a movement that sees them all as part of the solution - potentially supporting them to embed monthly forest restoration into their lives
  • Social change and feminine empowerment programs to assist the transition from business as usual to activism and co-creative action

Embedding ecological restoration into every financial transaction and business model will become the new norm when we make it happen together. Thank you!

Who will we partner with?

These are our deepest partnerships. They need to be a total match of values, a joy to work together and a no brainer when it comes to what you already do in the world. You are already either well on your journey towards sustainability, or fully committed to the journey just started. You want long term, socially scalable, measurable ecological impact and are prepared to invest in marketing, social media or organisational time to make it happen.

The Catalyst Commitment:

Given that our funds employ critically poor villagers in multiple countries to become forest restorers and protectors, it is crucial that external corporate relationships are long-term so that our funding is also dependable for those reliant on us for their livelihoods. You may support whole villages, and literally transform their socio-economic reality, whilst helping them restore their environment.

The minimum donation for Catalysts is $30K / £30K per year for 3 years.

Photo by Project Greenhands

 You pledge to: 

  • Respect the TreeSisters values
  • Recognise the responsibility and requirement of long term commitments when funding the critically poor in the field - these partnerships literally transform lives and lands 
  • Speak with truth and transparency in public about your environmentally responsible efforts and journey
  • Prioritise the development and implementation of a products procurement and distribution policy that is Earth-loving
  • Affirm no direct involvement in destructive forest activities

 As a Catalyst Partner, you will gain:

  • Direct access to a thoroughly vetted and trustworthy portfolio of diverse, ethical and long-term reforestation projects that not only plant trees but also rebuild ecosystems and communities
  • Direct association with TreeSisters values, mission and vision rooted in reciprocity with Nature and collective responsibility for ecological care and grassroots campaigning
  • Affiliation with a strongly loved and trusted global brand that is leading in the empowerment of women and Feminine Nature Based Leadership
  • Participation in an overarching global campaign calling for collective responsibility and the shift of humanity from a consumer to a restorer species

 And in addition, we support your campaign by providing:

  • Use of the TreeSisters logo for your website, social media platforms and digital marketing  (Use of logo directly on packaging and product is possible for partners meeting certain requirements and subject to a licensing fee).
  • A Treesisters Media kit with ready-to-use text, images and memes to help you communicate and celebrate our partnership across your digital platforms
  • A custom Company Forest fundraising page hosted by TreeSisters which enables you to easily share your donations with your network, and invite them to add contributions
  • Your Company logo and website link to your homepage listed on our website
  • The opportunity to participate in our Catalyst Conversations program and be featured in our blogs
  • A monthly Partnerships Newsletter
  • Customised fundraising reports
  • Access to social change and feminine empowerment programs to assist the transition from business as usual to activism and co-creative action
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager

We are working to plant millions of trees through leading social change projects with these special Catalyst Partners:


Are you feeling the call?

If you are ready to step in as a Catalyst Partner or would like an exploratory conversation to understand more, please email our Business Partnership Manager at

For further information:
See Our Partnership FAQ Page