Festivals, Music
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Transforming gatherings into inspirational moments of
shared vision, possibility, social and ecological impact


Leading the Change

Imagine a future where every event or gathering grows a forest because the cost of a tree (just 40p) is embedded into the ticket price. It’s become normal. It’s just how it is. Restoration is now as fundamental to being human as consumption currently is. Along the way, we have started to associate the gatherings that celebrate human gifts (musical, artistic, athletic, intellectual etc) with restoring our world. Our gifts have begun to give back to nature. 
That is the dream TreeSisters is holding, and we invite you to become leaders in the creation of that reality.

What if Music Grew Trees?

This video was created for the UK Women’s Music Awards, to seed the invitation of music planting trees into the British Music Industry. Event attendees grew a forest, just by attending.
We now have artists embedding trees in their track downloads, in their tickets sales for tours, in merchandise, and some looking at the impact of their travel and tours themselves. A corner is starting to be turned, but more leadership is needed.


Every Kind of Event

All events have an ecological cost. Even on-line events take resources that warm our world, but rarely is that considered by attendees. Increasingly it is considered by event hosts. By creating shared goals with your audience and embedding a tree into every ticket price, suddenly the act of attending an event makes a difference. Making a difference feels good, and plants the seed of more that could be done…

"Boomtown are using their network and platform to rally their community into pulling together to do the biggest single thing any individual can do to tackle climate emergency. But on a massive scale by pledging to call on all their artists, crew, guests and attendees to collectively plant 1 million trees!" - The Boomtown Festival Team

Festival Potential

In 2019, Boomtown fair embedded a single tree per festival ticket and funded over 71,000 trees. The response and enthusiasm from their network was overwhelmingly positive, so much so that for 2020 they are aiming for a shared goal of 1 million trees, raised not just from their attendees, but also from bands and technicians. 
They already added an option to plant 5 more trees at on-line point of sale, and 60% of attendees have done that. 


Our Invitation

Will you join us in helping the shift from unconscious consumption to conscious restoration?

Everyone can start with embedding trees into tickets, and then you can go deeper. 
  1. Embed trees into your tickets so that every attendee becomes a climate solution, and then get noisy about it on social media, showing films and stories etc
  2. Become an invitation by inviting your network to reach for a shared tree planting goal with you, like BoomTown are doing?
  3. Get creative about how many other ways could you embed trees? Merchandise? Refreshments? Charity pots? Your own teams?
  4. Can you add an additional optional donation at point of sale?
  5. Are you ready to make your journey to sustainability, public? So that you can inspire others to just ‘start’ rather than fearing not being perfect? For festivals we invite you to go to www.agreenerfestival.com for hints and guidance...
  6. Are you willing to look at your paper and card procurement?
  7. Are you ready to look at overall ecological impact?
For enquiries please contact partners@treesisters.org

Next steps? Apply to our Trees for Transactions Program.
Then, set up your program - here’s an example:
  1. Set up a Forest Page - a unique URL for you and your fans
  2. Set a goal to reach with your fans
  3. Seed the forest with trees for each ticket sold
  4. Invite fans to donate before the event via social and email
  5. Share the video and your fundraiser
  6. At the event show the video and call for donations
  7. During the event share on social
  8. After the event share on social