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Thank you for being so interested in becoming a TreeSisters planting partner. We are currently reviewing our GreenCover regeneration strategy and projection application process. Following the application process review, we will release details on how you can get involved.

TreeSisters provides funding for reforestation to non-governmental organisations and indigenous communities. Funding is available for projects in developing countries in the tropics. TreeSisters also funds projects held by, run by, or supporting indigenous and tribal people in the tropics - including developed countries such as French Guiana or Australia. We prioritise the avoided deforestation and forest degradation of forests with high conservation values. This latter term includes primary forests, old-growth forests, high conservation value forests (HCVs), intact forest landscapes (IFLs), and high carbon storage forests.

The type of projects we fund

TreeSisters funds projects that generate the following impacts:

  • Environmental impacts
    • Expand natural forest cover
    • Restore topsoil (land fertility)
    • Restore and maintain watersheds
    • Control soil erosion
    • Avoid further deforestation and forest degradation of High Conservation Value Forests and in particular Intact Forest Landscapes

  • Socio-economic impacts
    • Improve local culture and livelihoods
    • Foster women's participation and empowerment

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Thank you!

¹ We follow the United Nations Development Programme’s definition of developing and emerging countries, which can be found at :
² High Conservation Value Forest encloses primary forests/old-growth forests; High Conservation Value Forests; Intact Forest Landscapes; High Carbon Storage forests. 

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