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Please note: Due to an increase of applications received, we will not be taking any new ones until further notice which is likely 2022.

TreeSisters provides funding for reforestation to non-governmental organisations and indigenous communities. Funding is available for projects in developing countries in the tropics. TreeSisters also funds projects held by, run by, or supporting indigenous and tribal people in the tropics - even when located in a developed country such as in French Guiana or in Australia. We prioritise the avoided deforestation and forest degradation of forest with high conservation values. This latter term entails: primary forests; old growth forests;
high conservation value forests (HCVs); intact forest landscapes (IFLs); high carbon storage forests.

Before Applying

TreeSisters funds projects that generate the following impacts:

  • Environmental impacts
    • Expand natural forest cover
    • Restore topsoil (land fertility)
    • Restore and maintain watersheds
    • Control soil erosion
    • Avoid further deforestation and forest degradation of High Conservation Value Forests, and in particular Intact Forest Landscapes

  • Socio-economic impacts
    • Improve local culture and livelihoods
    • Foster women's participation and empowerment

For more information, please visit:

¹ We follow the United Nations Development Programme’s definition of developing and emerging countries, which can be found at :
² High Conservation Value Forest encloses: primary forests/old growth forests; High Conservation Value Forests; Intact Forest Landscapes; High Carbon Storage forests. 

Application process

The application process is in two stages. Typically, this process is between one to two months.

1st stage:
Email your application to You may be called if your application is incomplete and/or for clarification by email.
2nd stage:
The second stage for those projects that are being considered is an interview with the Reforestation Program Manager.

Before Applying

  1. First self-check your eligibility here.
  2. For more information, please read the Tree Funding Guide here.


 To Apply

There are no application deadlines or restrictions for applying/reapplying. We accept applications on a rolling basis. However, organisations that are not a current partner of TreeSisters will only submit one project application at a time until we make a decision.

  1. Download and complete the Application Form and a Budget Form.
  2. Send your application to

For any questions please email