Trees for Transactions Partners

Embedding Restoration into Your Business and Culture


What:  You’re invited to embed tree planting into your business.  Donate trees every time a product or service is sold, or make a donation as a percentage of sales or profits.   

Who:  You! TreeSisters gratefully accepts donations from companies who are aligned with our mission and values.

Is your company:

  • Ready to raise eyebrows, astonish yourselves and do something that literally changes the face of our world?

  • Desiring to unify and activate your customer base around a shared tree planting goal or awareness raising campaign?

  • Willing to embed restoration into your business model at a scale that draws attention, inspires further action and achieves measurable ecological impact?

Why:  Join our generous global network of treesisters who are transforming both lives and landscapes in extraordinary ways. Tropical trees are one of Nature’s most powerful solutions to climate change. Together we are making ecological restoration the new norm!

How:  Here are some easy ways to embed restoration in your business.  Choose the combination that inspires you:

  • Donate trees with every purchase
    • Example:  1 tree for every box of tea sold
    • Example:  5 trees for every monthly membership
  • Donate trees when customers opt out of consumption 
    • Example:  1 tree every time someone opts out of packaging
    • Example:  1 tree every time a customer brings their own mug or water bottle
    • Example:  Plant trees instead of ‘rewards’ gifts such as mugs or other objects
  • Encourage customers to donate at check out
    • Example:  Ask customers if they will round up and donate the difference
    • Example:  Give your customers the option to “buy” trees at checkout
  • Offer to match your customers donations
  • Donate a percentage of company sales, earnings or profits
  • Other creative ideas you have - let us know we would love to hear them!




Applying is easy - as you complete the online application you will be asked to:

We will review your application and contact you with the next steps.  Additional program details are available in our Frequently Asked Questions section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We fund the planting of one tree for every 40p donated, £4 plants 10 trees ($1USD plants 2 trees).

During the pilot phase we are trying out a radical generosity model. This means we will ask you to consider making an unrestricted donation to offset the administrative cost of running the program. 

We ask all partners to take an alignment pledge that addresses four areas

The TreeSisters Pledge addresses 4 key areas of alignment.

  1. Respecting the TreeSisters values
  2. Speaking with truth and transparency in public about your environmentally responsible efforts and journey
  3. Prioritizing the development and implementation of a products procurement and distribution policy that is earth-loving
  4. No direct involvement in destructive forest activities.

You can download a copy of the Alignment Pledge by clicking here.

You can download a copy of the Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

That’s easy - just donate via our website here.

Great!  Send an email to Maren Katzaroff -

We have made it easy to share with your network your support of TreeSisters.  In the Resources - Approved Partners area you will find our Logo and Brand Guidelines, a Promotional Kit complete with ready to use text, images and memes, downloadable logos and more. Click here.

Yes, you can use the logo provided in the brand kit in email and social media as well as printed documents.  

Should you be interested in printing the TreeSisters logo directly onto your product and campaigning together, please inquire about becoming a Catalyst Partner.

TreeSisters cannot directly endorse or promote your business.  However, we would love to have you tell your TreeSisters story which we may feature in a variety of ways such as a blog or via our social media. 

In addition, we often reshare partner posts via social media - be sure to tag us! 

Should you be interested in campaigning together, we would be delighted to talk with you about becoming a Catalyst Partner.

The best way to make donations is through a Company Forest Page

To learn more about Company Forest pages, including how to set up your page clicking here.

You also can make your donations directly online here.


For Donation Type, be sure to select Company Donation 

Under Billing, be sure to select Organisation and include the name of your company

For full details for how to donate by cheque please click here.

We encourage companies to make donations on a regular basis that aligns well with their routine accounting tasks.  For many companies this is monthly.  We ask that you submit donations at least quarterly.   You may make donations frequently!

Your donation will be based on the commitments you made.  Remember a tree costs 40p (British pence) or USD$0.50. For example, if you pledged 1 tree per product sold and you sold 1000 products, then you would donate 400£ or USD$500

USA:  For donations over US$100, we have an arrangement with Green America, a USA 501c3 who can take a donation on behalf of TreeSisters and send you a tax receipt.  Please click here for full details.

Australia:  For donations over AUS$500, we have an arrangement with Rainforest Information Centre who can take a donation on behalf of TreeSisters and send you a tax receipt. Please click here for full details.

CAD:  For donations over CAD$100, we have an arrangement with CAF Canada who can take a donation on behalf of TreeSisters and send you a tax receipt. Please click here for full details.

We support TreeSisters zero tolerance for greenwash. TreeSisters defines greenwash as “Disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image” . We are especially sensitive to 1 greenwash claims about forests, their management and wood derived products and need to ensure there is no evidence of such misleading claims. TreeSisters is guided by UK government advice on green claims. We operate by the ‘no claim no blame’ principle: We 2 will not shame a company for its (poor) level of progress. However we cannot engage with a company that makes false/misleading claims about wood and wood products. Please review our Greenwash Guidance document here.