TreeHouse Program

Extending the Gift of Hospitality to the Trees

Planting trees while we sleep

As a hotel, B&B, retreat venue or spa, we invite you to join our global initiative to make it normal to give back to the trees every time we travel away from home. A TreeHouse is an establishment that embeds trees into its business model so that every overnight stay helps restore ecosystems. When you do this, your customer's experience includes taking direct action to mitigate climate change, simply by choosing your venue!

Why do this?

Because the shift in public values shows that ‘doing good by our children’s future’ is moving from awareness into action. We want to be doing ‘the right thing’. Taking measurable, ecological action is now necessary leadership; the only appropriate way forward at a time when travellers are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their impact and a pathway to both stronger brand loyalty and ecological integrity.

Embedding reforestation into your work and business can be fun!

How does it work?

You choose to start planting a tree (or multiple trees) for each night’s stay, or for meals, drinks or treatments as you grow your own TreeHouse Forest. Consider inviting your guests to match trees with online bookings or at check out. How you do this, is up to you. Simply create your own processes and accounting to collate both your customer’s giving and your own, and then donate to TreeSisters either monthly or quarterly.

Our cost per tree is £0.45.

As a TreeHouse Partner, you will gain:

  • Direct access to a thoroughly vetted and trustworthy portfolio of diverse, ethical and long-term reforestation projects that not only plant trees but also rebuild ecosystems and communities
  • Direct association with TreeSisters values, mission and vision rooted in reciprocity with Nature and the collective responsibility for ecological care and grassroots campaigning
  • Affiliation with a strongly loved and trusted global brand that is leading in the empowerment of women and Feminine Nature-Based Leadership
  • Participation in an overarching global campaign calling for collective responsibility and the shift of humanity from a consumer to a restorer species

And in addition, we support your work by providing:

  • Use of the TreeSisters logo for your website, social media platforms and digital marketing (no use of logo directly on packaging and product)
  • A Treesisters Media kit with ready to use text, images and memes to help you communicate and celebrate our partnership across your digital platforms
  • A Treehouse Branding kit with ready-to-print flyers for rooms and in reception areas
  • A custom Treehouse Forest fundraising page hosted by TreeSisters which enables you to easily share your donations with your network, and invite them to add contributions
  • A monthly Partnerships Newsletter with updates about our work and stories to inspire you
  • Standard fundraising reports

Ready to apply?

Step 1: Fill out the registration form below with your name, business name and email address

Step 2: You will instantly be sent an email containing the full application form to complete. In this, we ask you to:

Step 3: We send you four weekly Welcome emails outlining the next steps you need to take to set up our partnership

Step 4: Donate monthly or quarterly into your account or Forest Fundraiser Page.

I am ready to become a TreeHouse Partner!

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