Trees for Tickets Program

Transforming gatherings into communities of social and ecological change

Leading the Change and Gathering for Good

Imagine a future where every event, workshop or gathering grows a forest because the cost of a tree (just £0.45) is embedded into the price of each ticket. It’s become normal - just how it is. Events that celebrate the gifts of our humanity (musical, artistic, athletic, intellectual, spiritual etc) also now restore the natural world. Our gifts have begun to give back to Nature. That is the dream TreeSisters is holding, and we invite you to become leaders in the creation of that reality.

What if Music Grew trees?

This video was created for the UK Women’s Music Awards, to seed the invitation of music planting trees into the British Music Industry. Event attendees grew a forest just by attending.

We now have artists embedding trees in their track downloads, in their ticket sales for tours, in merchandise, and some are also  looking at the impact of their travel and tours. A corner is starting to be turned, but more leadership is needed.

Every Kind of Event

All events have an ecological cost. Even online events take resources that warm our world, but rarely is that thought of by attendees. Increasingly, event hosts across many sectors (including online summits, yoga retreats, educational programs, and sporting events) are considering their ecological impact, but so much more could be done. 

Every audience is an ecosystem of latent social effect, that you are in the position to inspire. By embedding a tree into every ticket price, or by creating shared tree goals with your audience (even your performers, teachers or teams) suddenly the act of attending an event makes a difference. Making a difference feels good, and plants the seed of more that could be done.


Photo of WomenFest 2019 by Cali White

"At Boomtown we are using our network and platform to rally our community into pulling together to do the biggest single thing any individual can do to tackle climate emergency. But on a massive scale by pledging to call on all of our artists, crew, guests and attendees to collectively plant 1 million trees!" - The Boomtown Festival Team

Festival Potential

In 2019, Boomtown Fair embedded a single tree per festival ticket and funded over 71,000 trees. The response and enthusiasm from their network was overwhelmingly positive. They decided then to experiment by offering an option to add £2 to plant 5 more trees at the ticket checkout. They found 65% of attendees said yes!

Then Covid hit - and the world of Festivals has become unclear. Our heart goes out to every event that has been disrupted, and for all the effort that has been lost to uncertainty. The creativity of so many brilliant people however, is a force of Nature in itself and we are thrilled to see increasing numbers of music and teaching events moving online, and money still being raised for trees through the Trees for Tickets approach


Our Invitation:

Will you join us in helping the shift from unconscious consumption to conscious restoration?  Whether you are an organisation that offers meditation courses, yoga retreats, online leadership summits, sports events, film nights, or creative workshops, everyone can start by embedding trees into tickets, and then you can go deeper... 

  • Embed trees into your tickets so that every attendee becomes a climate solution, and share proudly about it on social media.
  • Become an invitation by asking your network to reach for a shared tree planting goal with you, like BoomTown are doing.
  • Get creative about how many other ways could you embed trees? Merchandise? Refreshments? Your own team members?
  • Can you offer your participants or audience the option to buy additional trees when they book their tickets?
  • Are you ready to make your sustainability journey public and inspire others to just ‘start’ rather than fearing not being perfect? 

As a Trees for Tickets Partner, you will gain:

  • Direct access to a thoroughly vetted and trustworthy portfolio of diverse, ethical and long-term reforestation projects that not only plant trees, but also rebuild ecosystems and communities
  • Direct association with TreeSisters values, mission and vision rooted in reciprocity with Nature and the collective responsibility for ecological care and grassroots campaigning
  • Affiliation with a strongly loved and trusted global brand that is leading in the empowerment of women and Feminine Nature-Based Leadership
  • Participation in an overarching global campaign calling for collective responsibility and the shift of humanity from a consumer to a restorer species

And in addition, we support your work by providing:

    • Use of the TreeSisters logo for your website, social media platforms and digital marketing (no use of logo directly on packaging and product)
    • A Treesisters Media kit with ready-to-use text, images and memes to help you communicate and celebrate our partnership across your digital platforms
    • A custom Company Forest fundraising page hosted by TreeSisters which enables you to easily share your donations with your network, and invite them to add contributions
    • A monthly Partnerships Newsletter with updates about our work and stories to inspire you
    • Standard fundraising reports

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