Plant Hope
Help us spread messages of hope all around the planet

Right now, the world is not the same as it always has been. We are facing an unprecedented amount of change and challenge. In these moments, remembering what really matters - love, Nature and our togetherness - is so powerful.

You are invited to Plant Hope. Send the gift of trees and spread messages of hope around the world. Send Hope to your family, to your friends, to your loved ones. To those working in essential frontline services, or to those who are isolating at home. By planting hope with a TreeSisters eTree Card, you are sending the gift of trees and wrapping our world in leafy green love.

Send your messages of hope in an eTree Card to those you love and fund the planting of crucial tropical trees. Then come and share your story of hope inside our TreeSisters community so that we can spread even more hope.

"I can’t see my mother right now. She lives alone 5 hours away on the south coast of England. She has just retired and loves her garden and watching things grow. I sent her an e-card and planted hope for her. Hope that we’ll be back together in the garden in no time at all and enjoying the butterflies visiting the summer flowers. I am planting hope for every family who loves the Earth and long to be reunited!" ~ Jan in UK

For every £5 e-card you send, you will fund 12 tropical trees that will re-robe our world in green. 

You will literally turn your hopes and love into trees.


Help Us to Share the Love and Hope

Our campaign to plant hope and fund the planting of tropical trees has inspired so many beautiful stories from around the world. 

If you have sent a Plant Hope eTree Card to a friend or loved one, we would love you to come and share your story of hope in our online community, the Nest. Who are you planting hope for and why? Share your story here and keep the energy of hope spreading around the world.

Please join us in the Nest and share your story of planting hope.

Right now, our togetherness has never felt more important and needed. Many of us cannot be in touch in person, so let’s share our stories of hope and love to inspire resilience and celebrate our shared love of the Earth.

To send eTree cards year round for all occasions please visit our eTree card page here.

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