A Wild Soul Woman

A journey into the heart of your untamed self

Until we learn to be a little less tame, a little less obedient, we will never become the women we need to be in order to live from the heart of our true nature and the richness of our wild, unstoppable souls... 

During the course, you will travel into the deepest and most untamed aspects of the soul. You will enter an inner world of archetypes, metaphors, symbols, dreams and imagery, where ancient Earth energies shed light on the fullness of who you are. 

Throughout the course, you will be guided through six modules. You'll have the pleasure of taking the course in your own time, as fast or slow as you like because it’s completely self led and online. This makes it really easy to fit into your life. Every module includes a 60-minute long guided experience and explores one of the 5 landscapes. 

The modules also include a landscape ceremony experience, journaling exercises, and specially created music meditations. Each week will be its own initiation. All of the sessions are strongly experiential. You’ll want to unplug and have your journals at hand! In the sixth module, you’ll receive an integration session, which will be a powerful way of bringing the teachings home.


Are you ready to connect with a vibrant global sisterhood of women reclaiming their wildness?