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Share The Word: The Media Kit 

Are you looking for an easy way to encourage others to plant trees? Perhaps you want to help share the word about TreeSisters? Or are you looking for an easy way to celebrate that your donation is funding trees? 

This Media Kit is for you! 

We have created a simple step-by-step process to help you tell the story of why you’re supporting TreeSisters at this pivotal time. All of the resources here can be downloaded instantly and are designed to work across different laptops, phones and tablets. 

We hope you enjoy spreading the word about TreeSisters and if you need any support from the TreeSisters Team at any time, please do not hesitate to contact


Step One

Did you know that the average person spends 2 hours on social media everyday?

We would love you to share your passion for TreeSisters through your own social media. The easiest way to do this is to change your profile image to our #HealthyTreeHealthyMe profile photo! You can download it and change your profile on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! 

Download the Frame Here


Step Two

Did you know, word of mouth recommendations are 115% more effective than advertising? 

In these challenging times, it is not always possible to speak to friends and family face to face about our love for trees. That is why sharing on our own social media profiles has become such a great way to share our own experiences of TreeSisters and it is one of the best ways to spread the word. 

To help you to post about TreeSisters on your timeline, we have created three social media posts with a beautiful social media friendly image. You can download these, copy and paste them straight on to your profile. Feel free to adjust the wording or add in your personal experiences. Lets get your friends and family invol

Social media copy for you to share


Step Three

Did you know that there are over 281 billion emails sent every day?

Can you imagine how quickly we could reforest the world if even 10% of these emails planted trees? Let’s make that happen! 

Below we have written a compelling email for you to download, copy and paste and send to your contacts. You send personalised emails to your contacts or add this as a paragraph in your regular e-newsletter. Of course, feel free to adjust the copy and add your personal thoughts.

Your email copy to share


Step Four

Do you use LinkedIn? Did you know that LinkedIn now has over 660 million members?

LinkedIn is a fantastic place to share newsworthy articles and information. Over the past few months the TreeSisters Reforestation Director and the team have been working hard to create a blog which further explains and examines the link between planetary health and human health. We would love you to post this on LinkedIn so that even more people can read this article. 

We know that not everyone uses LinkedIn. If you want to share these blogs with anyone else, anywhere else, please feel empowered and able to do so!

Share Blog: One HealthShare blog: EvoVling Relationships
share blog Coming soonshare blog coming soon


Step Five

Did you know that 57% of people who see a flyer, will read at least some of what is written on it?

Now we have spread the word online, it’s time to take our mission into your local community. We have created a simple flyer for you to print, post up and help spread the word about the action you are taking to restore our world. 

When you print this out, as much as is possible, please use recycled paper and natural and non-toxic ink. 

Print your Flyer here

The TreeSisters Team have created a list of fun places that you can put these in your local community. We hope they inspire you to take local action! 

  • ~ Local notice board 
  • ~ In your village hall
  • ~ At your local market
  • ~In the window of your favorite coffee shop 

Step Six

Did you know that when we hear stories, our brains release a hormone which enables us to feel more empathetic?

Stories have been told since the beginning of time, it is one of the oldest art forms in the world. And people are ready to hear from you! At TreeSisters we exist to help you to step into your Feminine Nature-Based Leadership and find your courage to shine. 

Humanity  needs to hear your story of how your decision to become a restorer is benefiting the health of the world and therefore the health of every single human being. 

We have created a set of simple PowerPoint slides which can be used for telling your story. You can add to these slides and make them your own. Present them at local community meetings, organise a ‘lunch and learn’ in your office, or bring people together and present these at the start of a fundraiser. These slides are here to help you bring your story of being a restorer to life! 

Download Power Point Slides


Thank you for sharing!

There has never been a more important time for collective, united, grassroots action - together we can restore our forests and restore our world back to health. 

If you need any help with any element of this media kit, or would like to let us know about your success, please do not hesitate to contact the TreeSisters Team by emailing

I Want to Reforest Our Future!

You can take action and create a healthy future for all by stepping in as a monthly donor to TreeSisters today!