Discover more about the links between planetary

health and human health

In 2020, our relationship with the natural world changed. Humanity is finally waking up to the reality that the health of the natural world has a direct impact on our own health. 

Over the past few months we have been reading, sharing and saving media and resources which speak to the link between planetary health and human health. They have educated, influenced and inspired our film and recent messaging. 

We have saved them all below and invite you to dive in and learn more.

TreeSisters Resources 

Dr Amelie Summer wrote a blog for TreeSisters which examines the link between emerging human diseases and deforestation. You can read that in full here: 

Suzi Martineau (Steer), from TreeSister's Education and Alliances, has written a blog on 'Evolving your Relationship with the Global Forest' which you can read here.

On the 27th October 2020, we hosted a live event bringing together visionary minds to discuss in depth the link between planetary health and human health. You can sign up to watch the replay here.

External Resources 

For UK based viewers, David Attenborough narrated a recent documentary which speaks in part to zoonotic diseases. You can watch the hour long programme on BBC iPlayer here: 

A few months ago the New York Times produced this video looking at the environment and the causes of pandemics. The video is exceptionally informative, however the solutions proposed towards the end of the video are not in line with TreeSisters ethos and do not address the urgent and critical need to restore Nature. We strongly advocate for and believe in Nature-based solutions that are about holistic, ethical planetary restoration: 

Covering Climate Now - The Corona Connection: Forest Loss Drives Viruses As Well As Climate Change. Read the full article here:

The Conversation - Coronavirus is a wake-up call: our war with the environment is leading to pandemics. Read the opinion piece here:

A video of Jane Goodall speaking to UK broadcaster Channel 4 News - ‘We’ve done this to ourselves’ Watch in full here:

Six Nature Facts Related To Coronaviruses. This article includes an infographic that
illustrates the factors that are increasing zoonosis emergence:

A video from the UN Environment Programme which looks at how Nature can
protect us from pandemics:

A French Podcast from the National Museum of Natural History, looking at epidemics and how we can we consider human, animal and environmental health on a global scale. This podcast features Coralie Martin, a researcher in parasitology at Inserm and at the National Museum of Natural History:

A United Nations Policy Brief that highlights how forests and the forestry sector provide essential services to support health and livelihoods during times of crisis. It also looks at how investing in sustainable forest management and forestry jobs offer opportunities for a green recovery, and how healthy forests build resilience against future pandemics:

Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) report:

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