Belonging to the Earth


Reflecting on our present-day relationship with nature, you could say that we are collectively and chronically disoriented. So much of the lostness we feel as a people is the result of how alienated from the natural world we’ve become, yet anaesthetised to the enormity of that loss. In this interview, Toko-pa and Clare Dubois speak about the calling to be in service to, and reciprocity with, the earth. Navigating the often overwhelming grief of our times, we learn how to practice at belonging on this painful threshold with a breaking open heart. To listen to the rest of Toko-pa’s Encounters series, please go here.


“Felt my whole self leaping with every truth spoken and wept along with you Clare….grief clearing the way. Loved how clearly you expressed the wounding of the feminine and our need to hold space for healing that.” ~ Helen


“I did not even know that I was looking for Be-longing. I thought I wanted In-dependence. You opened up this dimension for me.” ~ Masha