Session 1: The start of something wild

Letting it all spill out of me as I try (and fail) to call on behalf of the trees without crying

This is an unadulterated and raw outpouring of love, grief, passion and commitment as I try to wrap words around so many things that have been rising in me for years. What makes us do the things that we do? What pulls us beyond our fears of being perceived as foolish or arrogant or stupid or too emotional or….all the reasons that we hold back?

Can love of life and love of nature open us up to the more of ourselves usually held back? Can we let ourselves blast through it all and just respond and then amaze ourselves? This first attempt at a Facebook live broke me in two – but started a whole series of experiments. I hope that you take the journey of 10 sessions with me as I turn myself inside out to offer all that I am and all that I love – on behalf of the trees.


“I was in a place of losing faith this past few days… your message has come at the perfect time to gently shove that doubt away… thank you.” ~ Izzy M

“Incredible talk – thank you so much for bringing us all together, for speaking for the whole of us. I cried with you (much needed today), felt your words. MUCH empathy. We are one.” ~ Shelby F

“The most inspirational and moving speech from the heart I have ever watched and exactly how I’ve always felt.” ~ Kaz F