Session 2: Ritual, Theatre and Grief at Catalyst

One of the strongest life experiences I’ve ever had that catalysed a full scale shift in my life – playing the role of Earth in a piece of ritual theatre called ‘The Rape of the Earth’ I wish that every single person could have this experience – but in the absence of that I can at least share it!

This is the power of grief as a soul activator. My hope is that in hearing this and feeling this along side me – you too will feel the pull to transform into a fully activated human choosing a different future for our species.


“It’s so nice to hear your stories and know I’m not alone in feeling like this.” ~ Amy S

“Thank you for bearing it all, for exposing a truth rarely voiced and felt so deeply. You my friend are a breathe of fresh air.” ~ Ursula D

“When we can all feel as deeply as you do Clare, the great turning will come.” ~ Marigold M