Session 5: Following the Signs to India and Project GreenHands as Father of TreeSisters

Do you notice what you notice? Are you awake to life’s messages? I’m going to share about the path to the trees and how Project GreenHands provided the foundations of TreeSisters.

PGH birthed out of the death and grief of the tsunami and started a reforestation revolution that seeded TreeSisters. This serves as an introduction to the first of our stunning reforestation initiatives, and an update on how far we’ve got!


“Totally uplifting and inspiring!! Thank you for all you have needfully and open-heartedly done!!! Much love. I want to hear the four sessions that I’ve missed, now!” ~ Pamela E

“I love this Clare. I love how grounded & concise it is, I love how thoughtful it is and I love how inspiring it is.” ~ Pollyanna D

“So much connection , passion, truth and goodness.” ~ Ruthe S