Session 9: What is a TreeSister?

A revelatory introduction to the TreeSisters Map of 5 Choices as a framework of masculine and feminine balance

After the car crash I tried not to do what I’d been asked to do (session 6 – I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone – life doesn’t take no for an answer) and had quite the journey until giving in and saying yes. When I said yes, I finally asked ‘what is a treesister?’ What I was given, was a blueprint for a restorer species – something I will touch upon today and go into much greater depth in subsequent Facebook lives. This goes some way to explaining the oft asked question – why women?


“Wow that is amazing insight, this is amazing, thank you for sharing.” ~Rory FB

“Love this so much! What else is possible? How does it get any better than this?” ~ Rachel S

“Such a powerful explanation of why the feminine needs to come first.” ~ Laura PB