When Feminine Nature Takes Over: The Shakti Summit


Clare’s interview in the 2016 Shakti Summit, “When Feminine Nature Takes Over” is easily the edgiest, most risky, out there and most personal interview she’s ever done. She speaks about things she’s never spoken about in public before:

~ The eroticism of nature
~ How to undam(n) our inner rivers and re-wild ourselves
~ The dance of feminine/masculine sexuality and how it relates to climate change
~ Elements of her own childhood and how it launched her on the path of TreeSisters


“I’ve cried, laughed, howled and cried some more. I want EVERYONE to listen to this. Sharing…”
~ Sandra, USA


“Tears streaming down my face…listening had me up and dancing…I’ve never had this sort of a response to an interview before!”
~ Jenny, UK