Supportive Tools for Uncertain Times

Prayer, intention, visualisation and body based focus are more powerful than many comprehend.  Please find below short downloadable audio and video tools from TreeSisters Founder, Clare Dubois

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Nature based support if you are unwell

A guided meditation that you can use to nurture, relax, soothe and lighten your body, while experiencing wider support.

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Support for when someone you know and love is sick

An audio tool to help you focus your intention and love towards the healing of your dear one. You can use this with your family, or play it over zoom with prayer circles.

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If you are struggling with global and personal change

A short audio offering that offers some perspectives and useful tips on adapting to radical change. This is good to listen to before the Letting Go meditation! Hopefully this will provide comfort.

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Letting go

A short guided meditation to help with fear and to assist in letting go and reconnecting to trust.

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The Calling

A metaphor (video) to help with difficult feelings, as the insanity of the old world starts to flounder and we begin to hold space for the new.


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The 'Through Line'

A video about finding the ‘through line’ in a dangerous class five rapid, written for these times…


Read Clare's 'Through Line' blog here.

Prayers and healing for the Amazon and protection for its custodians

This is TreeSisters April full moon meditation and healing ceremony, attended by hundreds of people worldwide - a powerful guided process of collective and personal healing and strengthening culminating in support for the Indigenous Tribes of these sacred lands.



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