Why Women

TreeSisters includes everyone 

In order to restore our global forest, it will require us all to make a shift in behaviour and the choices we make in our daily lives.



“If we took away the barriers to women’s leadership, we would solve the climate change problem a lot faster.”

Mary Robinson, Ex Irish Prime Minister




Is TreeSisters trying to exclude men? 

Absolutely not, however, we are exploring what it would be like if there were more women taking leadership roles in respect of the environment. We are reaching out to women to encourage them, and to provide a space where with other women they can explore, how they feel about climate change and how they take action in their local community from a supported place, wherever they are in the world.


"Climate change is not gender neutral ~ it affects women far more" 

Terry Odendahl, President of Global Green Grants

Surely men and women are just as impacted by climate change?

Research tells us that women are more disproportionately impacted by Climate change than men. Women face disproportionate impacts from climate change due to underlying socioeconomic, political, and legal barriers that limit their choices. If women’s leadership and participation in environmental issues increases there are opportunities to:

  • Build resilient communities
  • Improve business practice
  • Place sustainability at the heart of decision making

Watch:- Women on the frontlines of Climate Change


"We have to make it as natural to give back to nature as it is to take nature for granted… We need to move from a consumer species to a restorer species

Clare Dubois, TreeSisters Founder 

Shouldn’t we all become restorers? 

Absolutely, and we hope that you do. We also know that women’s consumer power is equivalent to their restorer power. Women make up to 85% of the consumer choices in the home. These choices then have a ‘multiplier effect’ in that each choice they make is also on behalf of those they give care to. Women are the gatekeepers for their household expenditure, and their desire to consume through values based organisations can support the essential shift from consuming to restoring our world. Having said this, it's important for you to know that TreeSisters is inviting everyone to join us and become part of the restorer species.

Watch:- Conversation with Jon Snow & Clare Dubois


"I had no idea why women gathered in circle (and had avoided it at all costs) until I was moved to start a grove. After a few months of gathering together I suddenly had a realisation, a deep knowing that as women, we have to gather in circle... It is our place of power and strength, and comes from deep within - it is ancient. For me it is beyond words. It doesn't negate gathering in mixed groups, but to feel, heal and find trust in sisterhood seems particularly important at this time"

Jo Powell, Grove Tender

Why are some treesisters groups just for women?

We know that women respond to stress differently from men and the stresses of a world facing climate change, require women to come together. TreeSisters provides a space for belonging and genuine sisterhood that can be particularly lacking for women in the west who are often dislocated from family.  Our Theory of Change underpins the relational approach that we believe is required if we are to bring ourselves back in step with nature. It asks us to feel and embody what it is like to be a part of nature, and to bring our action from this place. Our theory of change can be used by anyone but it is women who are trialling it through our “Inner Journey” and discovering their courage, resilience and hope in action that this approach can bring. Through our network, we allow women to come together and share best practices and support one another through the change that is needed to make better choices. 

Our Groves project offers women the chance to step into what we call feminine nature-based leadership. This project attracts women who want to contribute and who know that they have much to offer, but who need the support of a local community of women in order to grow the confidence to take this step. 

Grove circles offer a safe space for women to share and transform their common experiences of growing up as women within the cultural conditioning and the impacts that this has had on confidence and identity. The energy that becomes available in this transformation can then be offered out in service to the world.

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